OMiP / Company Overview

Company Overview

Harnessing the power of the evolving digital landscape


One Media iP is primarily a music rights owner and digital distributor focused on the acquisition and exploitation surrounding recorded music, publishing, the writers shares of income and video intellectual property ‘Rights’. The Company has a deep understanding of digital content and the various industry monetisation models and, as such, offers Rights Owners a route in which to divest their music IP holding and for investors to share in its potential success in corporate growth.

The Company is growing through targeted acquisitions of music content, expanding into various genres and territories that stand to see increased returns driven by the global growth of streaming. Its team of in-house creative technicians then ensure that its existing and newly acquired content reaches its full potential for monetisation, by digitising it and creating the highest quality metadata prior to ingesting to over 600 digital retailers such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and Google Play globally. In addition the Groups music is widely used for synchronization in film, TV and digital gaming. The group also operates over 20 You Tube channels as a certified partner.

One Media has created and developed the Technical Copyright Analysis Tool (“TCAT”), a SaaS product monitoring where tracks appear, safeguarding copyright, and providing invaluable data regarding distribution opportunities for its creative technicians. This tool is not only employed for Company use but also licenced and operated in partnership with major music distributors and major record labels.

Vision and Strategy

Unlocking the true value of content

One Media iP aims to become a leading digital media content provider, focused on acquiring and digitising mixed media content to exploit the shift from physical to digital formats.

With an aggressive growth strategy and commitment to investing in new content, the Company is dedicated to expanding the business through acquisition of new content and promotion of its existing catalogue.

As the Company matures, it will expand its reach into new territories and platforms, whilst remaining focused on the development and roll out of its technology platform.