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About OMiP

Founded in 2005 by Michael Infante, the Group’s CEO, One Media iP is an exciting digital music and video business with a catalogue of over 250,000 nostalgic music tracks, from a range of genres spanning soul to classical music and rock to pop, including performances from over 1,700 diverse artists. Consumers can purchase or stream these tracks on music stores globally.

It’s library of content is also made available for TV shows, movies, adverts and websites requiring synchronised music. One Media iP focuses on music performed by well-known artists from every genre. Its classical music library of over 10,000 performances includes the Point Classics catalogue comprising some of the most renowned masterpieces by the world’s greatest composers. The Company also owns the rights to Men & Motors, available for viewing on One Media’s YouTube Channel.


One Media iP has also developed a content discovery and analytical software service, the ‘Technical Copyright Analysis Tool’ (“TCAT”), which allows record companies, publishers and law firms to search certain digital stores, such as iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify, and carry out a forensic digital audit on behalf of owners to ensure that their music has not been used without consent.